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Light-years away when compared to Netflix!

How in the world are you gonna have two apps to watch your subscription? And why havent you made an "HBO Now" app for ps4? Whats up with verifying device couldnt you make it as easy as Netflix and just login? You know youre that bad when a customer cancel their free trial subscription on day two. I will never subscribe until youre able to make an easier accessible app for all platforms! #Netflix

App is lame, shows are good

This app is so frustrating. If you stream it and you miss something, the app crashes as soon as you pull it back up and it doesnt remember where you were. You have to start the whole episode other. I certainly expect more for 15 dollars a month!


Terrible! Terrible! Terrible! The "error" sign appears often and the movies freeze often. HBO and Apple should be utterly embarrassed that theyve put out such a poor product. This is my second review of this app. Crappy!!!

Shame on you!

One star because I cant give it zero stars. I subscribe to Gaia, Hulu and Netflix and I must say this is the WORST excuse for a streaming app I have ever seen, especially for Chromecasting. To add injury to insult, it is also the most expensive subscription by far with the most limited content of all my subscriptions. I have canceled my subscription and will check back in a year to see if HBO has caught up with the rest of the world.

Give me a break

HBO has been one of the leaders in home entertainment for decades. They can afford a better digital design team. Your mobile interface is a joke. And half your programs dont play. Try searching for "The Night Of" and wait for it to load. Then learn quantum physics front to back and it will still be loading. For real... Get it together guys.

buggy af

Chromecast feature is buggy as hell.

It really is as bad as they say it is

I couldnt believe big-shot HBO would allow an app to be released that was as inadequate and buggy as these reviews claim HBO Now to be, so I tried it. Believe the reviews. This app will have you pulling your hair out before you get through the first overlong promotional video you will be forced to watch. If you plan to cast your shows, get a magnifying glass to help accurately negotiate the microscopic controls or you may end up watching that promo video several times before getting to your program. ***Delete!***

App is good, but....

The app works fine, except for one problem. If you are connected to ChromeCast, and it disconnects you for some reason, when you reconnect it starts the show over. And if you want to stop and start a show, it doesnt really allow for that either. Its not staying connected to the ChromeCast, which is not uncommon. But other apps, like Hulu, allow you to reconnect more effortlessly, without an interruption in viewing. This issue makes lessens the viewing experience and makes the app less user friendly.

Ipad app: Cannot save movies to a watchlist

Watching a series takes a lot of effort and you have to remeber which season and episode you left off and find it manually on your own every single time. I downloaded the App for my Ipad so it would be easier to add movies to a watchlist and that function errors every time. So there is NO way to bookmark movies, series documentaries to watch in the future. I am cancelling my HBO Now subscription this month because there is nothing to watch and/or it is too time consuming to find something to watch given their app limitations.

Oh my word! This is frustrating

I cant believe how bad this app is everywhere. HBO needs to study Netflix, Hulu and Amazon and get this app together! So much potential. Constantly freezes, quits, errors out, thinks I dont have a subscription, the list goes on and on. In 2016 for $15/mo this should be an amazing app

HBO should be ashamed. Is zero stars possible?

This piece of compete garbage is a disgrace to HBO. Their shows are so good, but this app is just completely terrible. In particular, the Chromecast support is really clunky and buggy. And the app navigates poorly. And it has poor preferences. Did HBO not even look at their competitors like Netflix. If they didnt, thats pathetic. If they did, I guess its still pathetic.

Great app!!

This app is actually really good!! They give you a 30day free trial this app is amazing I give this app 10000 stars

Fix Chromecast support!

Question: Why does a simple feature like pausing and remembering where I am at in any given program work for an app like Netflix ($8.99/month) but not for HBO Now ($14.99/month)? Answer: I can not think of a logical answer. Please fix Chromecast support or I will not be sticking around after the free trial. I cut the cord specifically because HBO offered this and it is practically useless. Also, can you remember that I like subtitles (again, like Netflix). Raise your bar please and thank you.

Should be zero

So in the beginning I had HBO go the cable provider version etc, that worked amazingly honestly about to cancel HBO and pay my mother 15 bucks towards her cable bill to use HBO "apps", HBO now, now doesnt allow me to view a series episode selection without lagging till my Apple TV goes to screen saver(with amazing 5 bar wifi connectivity, also super fast download and upload speed) I can hardly get 5 minutes into a movie without it forcing me out to Apple TVs home screen. NEEDS MAJOR UPDATES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Such a great idea being wasted

Terrible waste of space and money

This app barely ever works, there are no good solutions, HBO provides no customer support and there is absolutely no reason anyone should pay for this app ever. Save yourself the time and effort and dont download this, dont subscribe and save yourself the time and frustration as this program is a total waste. Useless!


The one month free trial doesnt even work so I will never pay for a subscription.

HBO needs to improve

The app will not load shows that are currently broadcasting. Works fine with library shows. Very frustrating when you are trying to watch a season finale, as it airs, and the site crashes.

Great - when it works ...

Shows keep freezing. Some shows freeze but audio continues to run. I tried opening and closing the app, as well as deleting it then re-installing - neither have done me any good. Developers need to get on this ASAP, time for an update.


Just let everyone use HBO Go. Much better app. This one, not so much. Throw it out. Months later and hasnt gotten better.

Absolutely pathetic

In an age where so many good examples are out there; Netflix, Amazon prime, and Hulu. You would think that an organization that charges more per month than all of the previously mentioned could make an app that is moderately functional. All of the complaints others have said are valid. Close to wanting to cancel my subscription.

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